Larissa Hentz

Scott Kimball’s second wife, Larissa Hentz is the mother of his two sons.

Scott Kimball marries his second wife, Larissa Hentz.

Kimball had been married briefly once before, but few details of that union are available.

Kimball and Hentz met in Hamilton, Mont., in 1988. They moved in the early ’90s to Spokane, Wash., where Kimball got into the timber business.

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Kimball’s first son is born

December 20th, 1993

Scott Kimball’s first son is born, to Kimball and his wife, Larissa Hentz.

Scott Kimball’s youngest son is born, to Kimball and his wife, Larissa Hentz.

Scott Kimball and his wife, Larissa Hentz, file for bankruptcy.

Scott Kimball and Larissa Hentz, the mother of his two sons, get a divorce.

While Kimball largely managed to stay out of jail during the couple’s four-year marriage, he constantly had people chasing him down who felt cheated by him, Hentz said.

“It was not uncommon to have a process server on our porch every other week serving us papers,” she said. “He always had an excuse. It was never his fault.”

Hentz claims that Kimball slept with prostitutes, pulled off brazen logging scams, and swindled money from her dentist and the bishops at her church.

(Date is approximate.)

Larissa Hentz calls police in Spokane, Wash., to report that Scott Kimball, her ex-husband, kidnapped her at gunpoint, raped her and forced her to drive to Montana with him and their sons.

Several witnesses, however, say nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary, and police do not pursue a rape case for lack of evidence.

The couple had continued seeing each other after their divorce, and Kimball tells police his ex probably made the complaint because he wanted to end the relationship.

Hentz tells a detective that if Kimball took a lie-detector test he would pass, because “he knows how to beat those things,” according to a police report.

Excerpt from the Spokane police report.

Excerpt from the Spokane police report.

Scott Kimball’s ex-wife, Larissa Hentz, makes a second rape report against him.

She tells Spokane, Wash., police that he broke into her house with the help of a locksmith friend, pressed a gun to her head while she lay sleeping, and raped her repeatedly.

Afterward, she says, he drew her a bubble bath to destroy any evidence, then stole $370 from her purse.

Police do not pursue the case, for lack of evidence.

Excerpt from Spokane police report.

Excerpt from Spokane police report.