The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office says it will begin looking into whether Kimball played a role in the unsolved murder of a 7-year-old girl whose body was found near Nederland’s Barker Reservoir in 1984.

Sheriff Joe Pelle said his department never had reason to suspect Kimball in the murder of Tracy Marie Neef, who vanished after her mother dropped her off at school in Thornton on March 16, 1984. Her body was found later that day in a grassy area about a quarter-mile west of Barker Dam.

A report from Fox 31 News, stating that Kimball had told his cousin that he helped bury the body of a girl near Nederland, prompted him to see if there’s a connection between Neef’s murder and Kimball.

The FBI declines to comment.

Kimball, who would have been 17 at the time Neef was abducted and killed, was living with his father and attending high school in Hamilton, Mont. But he regularly traveled back to Colorado to visit his mother.

It’s not clear if he was in the state the day Neef was murdered. However, Kimball had spent a lot of time with a Ted Peyton, who owned a cabin on the shore of Barker Reservoir not far from where Neef’s body was found. Peyton was later convicted of sexually assaulting Kimball and served six years in prison for the crime.

At least one detail from Kimball’s alleged account doesn’t match the facts of the case — Neef wasn’t found buried but rather lying on her side, clothed in her jeans and T-shirt.