Ted Peyton, 74, returned to Nederland after serving time

By John Aguilar
Camera Staff Writer

Theodore Peyton.

Theodore Peyton has done his time.

Sentenced to seven years in prison for sexually abusing Scott Kimball and another boy, Peyton spent five years, three months and two weeks behind bars before being released on Oct. 6, 1996.

But Kimball remains scarred, and relatives say the abuse contributed to his life of crime.

In a July 1992 letter Kimball wrote to a Boulder district judge, he pleaded that Peyton remain behind bars.

“Ted Peyton denied me my right to a normal, healthy innocent childhood,” Kimball wrote to the judge, who was considering a sentence reduction for Peyton. “Because of Ted Peyton’s selfishness and his need for sexual gratification he has damaged my life forever.”

In the letter, Kimball accused Peyton of not taking responsibility for his crimes, which “cost me and my family very dearly.”

“Ted Peyton has shown no remorse,” he wrote.

One of Kimball’s girlfriends, Denise Pierce, told police that Kimball “felt like his own mother sent him to be with the molester” and still harbors a fierce anger toward her.

Barb Kimball declined to comment for this series. But according to police reports from Peyton’s arrest, she said she didn’t suspect anything at first, and once she did start asking questions around 1980, her son denied being abused.

Rob McLeod, whose daughter Kaysi died at Kimball’s hands, said he sympathizes with Kimball for the abuse suffered as a child, but it doesn’t absolve him of guilt.

“It has some explaining power, but it doesn’t excuse anything,” McLeod said. “A victim should empathize with other victims.”

Howard Emry, the father of another of Kimball’s victims, echoed McLeod’s thoughts.

“A lot of people have gone through terrible things, and they’re not out there murdering people,” Emry said. “We are accountable for our actions in life. We all have tough situations in our lives.”

Peyton, now 74, still lives in the Nederland cabin where he molested the boys.

“That was a long time ago,” he said when asked recently about the abuse.

With that, Peyton turned slowly and walked back up the driveway to his cabin on the northern shore of Barker Reservoir.

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