Less than two weeks after meeting “Joe Snitch” in a Broomfield park, Jennifer Marcum’s mother, Mary Willis, records a phone conversation with Scott Kimball, referring to him as Joe.

Willis demands to know more about Jennifer but says she won’t strip naked and let Kimball demonstrate how her daughter was killed.

“You had your chance,” says Kimball, who wanted Willis to sign a contract allowing him to have sex with her in an effort to re-create Jennifer’s murder.

He says Willis should return to Colorado and hire an escort on whom he can demonstrate the murder.

“I’ll show you exactly what happened and you can just be a bystander,” Kimball says.

Later in the conversation, Willis asks Kimball if he doesn’t in fact want a “Christian burial” for Jennifer.

“My daughter means everything to me,” Willis says.

“You know what?” Kimball replies. “I saw how much she meant to you when you wouldn’t let me into your motel room.”

Kimball warns Willis that if she threatens him, he won’t talk to her anymore. He said his handler at the FBI, Special Agent Carle Schlaff, will be “obligated to move me, to hide me, or do whatever, so just remember that.”

Kimball can be heard telling Willis that he can’t say too much about the case or he will “blow the lid right off the whole thing.”

He also states that Schlaff tells him exactly what he can or cannot say about Jennifer.

The call ends with Kimball telling Willis to let him talk to her daughter, Tammy, about how her sister was murdered.