Shotgun Willie's, in Glendale.

Shotgun Willie's, in Glendale. (John Aguilar / Camera)

Jennifer Marcum starts stripping at Shotgun Willie’s, in Glendale, Colo.

A FoxNews television crew captures her first night, documenting her motivation and nervousness before taking the stage.

“I probably will cry, to be honest,” she says. “It’s a very scary feeling for me. I’ve always had manager jobs and (been) looked at as a very respectable person.”

She hopes the job will provide her the financial security to pursue bigger dreams with the father of her son, introduced on TV as her husband although the two never legally married.

“I could probably make more in a week than he can in two, and I’d like to live in a house, and so I have higher goals,” she tells the TV crew.

Jennifer’s father, Bob Marcum, said his daughter worked as a stripper primarily to support her son. She kept the job until her death, but Mary Willis, Jennifer’s mother, said she was anxious to get out at the end.

“She was wanting away from there real bad,” Willis said.

Read a transcript of the Fox News show. (PDF)