Scott Lee Kimball

Killer | Conman | FBI Informant

Victim | Lover | Father | Inmate

LeAnn Emry:
March 24, 1978 – Jan. 29, 2003


Jennifer Marcum:
June 15, 1977 – Feb. 17, 2003



Kaysi McLeod:
Sept. 14, 1983 – Aug. 23, 2003



Terry Kimball:

Feb. 20, 1944 – Sept. 1, 2004



A career criminal and conman, Boulder County native Scott Kimball had an uncanny ability to convince people to give him the benefit of the doubt. His charms worked on the FBI, which released him from prison as a paid informant, and on the four people he killed while free. But the victims’ families, a Lafayette detective, two Boulder County prosecutors and one FBI agent finally called his bluff.

In this interactive timeline, you can explore the complex web of events that kept a serial killer on the streets for three years, and the remarkable breaks that finally brought him to justice.

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